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Moving the West Side Forward

We are no longer accepting donations on this campaign, but there are other ways for you to support us today!

West Side Forward is driving economic revitalization on the West Side of Chicago.

Bethel New Life has been on the front lines of fighting to restore underrepresented and marginalized communities for 40 years investing more than $675 million to date.

West Side Forward, evolving from Bethel New Life’s economic development strategy, asserts that to transform Chicago’s West Side substantially reducing poverty utilizing tactics that will move 63,000 people into income generating and wealth building opportunities that can sustain their families.

Our vision of Chicago’s West Side becoming an economically thriving community, with opportunities to increase income and wealth for local residents serves as the impetus for a hyperfocus on building the local economy through small business development and training the local workforce.

West Side Forward major tactics to reduce concentrated poverty involve:

  • Building a self-sustaining West Side economy that is connected to the larger regional economy.
  • Strengthening community capacity to benefit from community investment.
  • Creating jobs in the community and the larger region.
  • Preparing, connecting and supporting West Side residents in attaining sustainable living wage careers.
  • Supporting policies and systems that help communities thrive.

Thank you for considering a gift to West Side Forward. Your investment will help to continue providing innovative high impact services to train workers, support entrepreneurs and nurture the resurgence of thriving West Side communities.